Solstice and Poetic Justice @ Chez Monik

Join Julian Mulhall with the Monik Nordine Trio for an hour of poetry and music @Chez Monik.  Maja Nordine will be providing provocative poetic interludes between numbers from her remote location in Toronto while the trio will be performing on location in Saanich.

Tickets are $15 each and are available through SideDoorAccess    Tickets

Julian graduated from the Victoria Conservatory of Music in 2017 and spent the last few years studying at the University of Toronto where he is one semester away from completing a Bachelor of Music degree.  He has been composing music and performing since he was in highschool here in Victoria and it will be a special treat to hear him on December 19.  He will be joining the Monik Nordine Trio with Phill Albert on bass and they will perform some of their favourite tunes for you

Maja is living in Toronto studying at York University in Indigenous Studies.  She graduated from Gulf Island Secondary School in 2016 and hasn’t stopped writing since she was knee high to a grasshopper.  She is insightful and thoughtful with a vivid imagination and we are looking forward to hearing what she has to say!

Live events at Chez Monik

We are so happy to be able to keep performing during the pandemic and hope that you are able to connect with us.  In order to enjoy your listening and viewing experience here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have download speed of 25mps minimum
  • Make sure you have an ethernet connection
  • sign up for a free Zoom account
  • an i5 processor or higher is helpful
  • use high quality headphones for listening 

There will be more shows in the new year and we will keep you updated!  

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