The Monik Nordine Quartet is joined by Nanaimo-based guitarist Astrid Lyre for an evening of original music.  Joining Monik and Astrid will be Bruce Meikle on bass and David Emery on drums. The quartet features the music of composers such as Oscar Peterson, Sonny Greenwich, Hugh Fraser and other more. Monik has set out to highlight Canadian works with this group and the stylistic influences lean heavily on Miles Davis and Sonny Stitt.

Tickets are $10 and are available online HERE  and at the door.

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The Victoria Jazz Orchestra with Maria Manna perform

“A Christmas Carol”

Conducted by Andrew Homzy

Also joined by the Cathedral School Choir

A fundraiser for the Single Parent Resource Centre

Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 7:30pm

Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora Ave.)

Tickets $40 available at Alix Goolden Hall Tickets

For ticket information call (250) 386-5311

For event information

Presented by Monik Nordine


This November you can get jazzy in a festive way with the Victoria Jazz Orchestra.  Monik Nordine is putting on a concert at Alix Goolden featuring the Orchestra with guests Maria Manna on vocals, and the Cathedral School Choir.  Conducting them all will be Andrew Homzy, the Artistic Director of the Nanaimo International Jazz Festival.  The event is being held to raise funds and awareness for the Single Parent Resource Center, located here in Victoria.

A staggering 50% of children living in single parent homes are living in poverty and child poverty rates in BC remain above the national average.  The Single Parent Resource Centre provides free clothing, food, counseling and Christmas gifts for families in need.  By helping the folks at the Single Parent Resource Centre you will be directly and positively impacting the lives of children.


Join me on Saturdays at 1pm PST for free group sessions on ear training, improv and saxophone.  This is a place where we can meet and talk about music theory, ear training, intervals, improvisation, saxophone related issues and anything relevant to your musical progress.

To download Zoom on your computer or tablet, find it here

The meeting page is here

Hope to see you on Zoom!


If you are enjoying the Zoom meetings please feel free to donate any amount 🙂


Course materials for my classes are available here:

How To Train Your Ear

Our ears are the most important tools we have as musicians.  Without the ability to hear chords and intervals we are stabbing in the dark and can’t possibly know what we are playing or how it relates to the other notes we hear.  “How to train your ear and avoid Hiccups” with Monik is a 5-day class designed to help students begin to recognize intervals and basic chords by ear and also learn a few improv solos by ear in a spirit of fun and games.

How To Train Your Ear course pack


“Soft Winds”

“There Will Never Be Another You”


“Mambo Influenciado” w. Irving Acao on tenor sax


Is It Is, Or Is It Ain’t, A Blues?

Is it, or isn’t it?  We will go over basic theory including modes, key signatures and the circle of fifths and then using this information we will try and figure out what are the defining features of a blues.  We will talk about “riff” blues, call and response, downstep, major and minor blues using examples that we may know or recognize.

Is It a Blues course pack


Woodwind Fundamentals (saxophones and clarinets)

Every morning we will meet at 9am to go over instrumental technique and the fundamentals of playing a single reed instrument.  Yay reeds!

Checklist for Low Notes on Saxophone

1) make sure the reed seals to the mouthpiece like a suction cup

2) check to make sure the resistance is the same on each edge of the reed by playing

3) make sure the reed is not too resistant overall ie. not too hard

4) slur down the c scale to low c and sustain.  how does it feel? comfortable?

subtext to all this, prefaced by, make sure the saxophone is not leaking down low!

potential problems:

1) volume of air incorrect

2) incorrect pressure on bottom of reed

3) incorrect amount of the mouthpiece in your mouth

4) reed malfunction!

The Funky Salamander



The Left Coast Jazz Festival is an exciting new jazz festival in Victoria, BC with a local, organic, gluten free focus to its programming.  The aim of the festival is to support local artists (Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands) and to support venues who are presenting local artists on an ongoing basis. Victoria musicians Jon Miller and Monik Nordine are the festival organizers and are happy to be supporting many shows from June 26 to June 30, 2019 at The Copper Owl (1900 Douglas St., Victoria, BC), Victoria, BC), The Northern Quarter (1724 Douglas St., Victoria, BC) and in Duncan, BC in City Square (200 Craig St, Duncan, BC)

Miller and Nordine are both members of The Jon Miller Quartet and have also collaborated with The Victoria Jazz Orchestra and recorded together on the album Three Days In Winter

for tickets, visit:

sposored by:

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The Monik Nordine Quartet

The Great Canadian Songbook

7:30pm, Friday, April 12 at The Shaw Auditorium in Nanaimo, BC

For tickets and information visit:

“… solid performance and writing chops.” – Downbeat Magazine

Juno nominated saxophonist Monik Nordine has a powerful, lyrical, and impressive command of the saxophone and has received several prestigious arts awards. She has recorded with John Korsrud’s Hard Rubber Orchestra and has also toured with Hugh Fraser’s band VEJI. Monik plays alto and soprano saxophone and occasionally sings with her ensembles.

“…facile in her execution and fluid in the spinning out of her melodic ideas.”

                   — Rick Helzer, Jazz Improv Magazine


“…soaring, dynamic solos…” — PQB News

Now leading “The Monik Nordine Quartet”, Monik and her group are featuring the compositions of Canadian jazz artists such as Oscar Peterson, Joni Mitchell, KD Lang, Sonny Greenwich, Jan Jarczyk, Kenny Wheeler, Hugh Fraser, Alan Matheson, Greg Bush and of course their own works in a project called “The Great Canadian Songbook”.  The aim of this project is to document as many retrospective and current Canadian compositions as possible with the goal of creating a body of work that we can call our own.

Joining Monik for this special project are Brent Jarvis (piano), Rob Johnson (bass) and David Emery (drums).  Each of these musicians maintains a busy performing and touring schedule in BC and elsewhere: Brent and Monik have recorded two albums together – “Departure Jazz” and “The Old-New Town”, David Emery plays drums with The Victoria Jazz Orchestra and Rob Johnson performs regularly with The Tom Vickery Trio at Hermann’s Jazz Club.

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