Monik Nordine Trio at The Church of Truth


The Monik Nordine Trio has been featured from Stockholm to Vancouver and consists of Nick Peck on Hammond organ and Miles Fuller on drums.  Monik is a saxophonist and vocalist who recently returned from an expedition to Trinidad where she joined the band Pantar.  She has toured with Hugh Fraser’s band  VEJI and recently completed a residency in Stockholm, Sweden with funding from the Canada Council for The Arts and the BC Arts Council to work with Ann Sofi Söderqvist.  Nick Peck is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, primarily known as a jazz pianist and organist who has performed across Canada and Europe.    Since 2013, he has resided in British Columbia, Canada where he is frequently found playing with many talented colleagues up and down the Canadian west coast. His style is marked by his ability to shift from hard-swinging jazz to pastoral serenity to elements of the 20th/21st century piano tradition at the drop of a hat, both hands equally creative on the keyboard, in a manner that is both constantly engaging and accessible.Miles Fuller is a drummer from Victoria, BC.  An adept performer, he regularly appears as both side-man and leader in venues across Canada. Miles’ playing is greatly informed by the jazz and improvised music tradition and has been praised for its emotive nature.

Together they are the Monik Nordine Trio!  

Listen here: The Monik Nordine Trio: Live in Stockholm | The Monik Nordine Trio | Monik Nordine (

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